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About LUCKY PANDA Technology

Posted by Sunshine on Jan 30, 2021

How we got our start?

Dedicated to Creating the Best-Fitting strapless Adhesive Bras Since 2005. Every woman is sexy. Our original intention of designing bras is to provide women with comfortable and stylish strapless bras to show women's beauty. We design bras that are suitable for women to wear on various occasions. 

What makes our product unique?

Your Perfect Fit LUCKY PANDA Bra makes perfect body shaping and creates beautiful proportions lines with sophisticated tailoring techniques that allow women to get more attraction from the inside out. Join us.

Why we love what we do?

LUCKY PANDA is a bra brand specializing in adhesive bras, breast petals, and specializes in the scientific design of products and the use of healthy materials. We are dedicated to offering the best and the most comfortable strapless bras for every woman. You can be more perfect! CHOOSE LUCKY PANDA .

LUCKY PANDA bra is a professional Bra manufacturer. We produce most types of  bra. LUCKY PANDA is widely used for women's causal clothing. It has been widely recognized and praised by customers.

LUCKY PANDA bra has been exported to the United States, Australia and 20 other countries and regions.


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